Puntland cancels lower house elections over electoral protest.

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Somalia’s Puntland administration on Monday temporarily halted its lower house elections over electoral objections following weeks of electoral campaigns in the capital.

A presidential decree signed by the deputy President Abdihakin Haji Omar Amey directs regional level electoral commission to stop its duties and abandon elections until state orders its resume.

“The state will not accept to lose its upper house quotas for its rival Somaliland. I think elections will resume if the Gov’t set aside on the emerging conflicts over the matter” A state spokesman has said.

Puntland which had territorial disputes with Somaliland wants to secure seats for certain clans in Sool and Sanaag as Somaliland eyes to grab seats being allocated for those regions.

No comments could be reached from the state electoral commission as Somalia heads for presidential elections at the end of this month.

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