Obama Asks Congress For 1.3 Billion To “Resettle” Illegal Immigrants ($17,613 per Illegal Immigrant.

President Barack Obama’s FY2017 budget plan is filled with goodies, and jammed packed with requests for money allocations. For example, Obama is asking for an 18% increase in the amount of money that is set aside for former presidents. In 2017, when he is a former president, Obama will be benefiting from such an action, and so essentially asked that more money be set aside for himself. In addition to his well deserved pay raise, the president is also asking for an increase in tax payer money that is given to illegal immigrants.
The Obama budget plan is asking for another $1.32 billion dollars to aid the unaccompanied children (UAC) who are found crossing the southern border illegally. The Center for Immigration Studies reports that there will be an estimated 75,000 new UACs over the course of next year, and so that this increase in budget would mean an average of $17,613 for each UAC.

Keep in mind that the average social security recipient receives an average of $14,772 per yer, indicating that the Obama administration is ensuring that illegal immigrants, who have contributed nothing into the system, receive more money than legal residents of the United States who have been paying taxes their entire lives.

To make this even more unbelievable, the administration is planning on expanding their Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee/Parole Program.
Illegal immigrants will collect Social Security benefits beginning in 2017. Please stop this, Congress!
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Unsure of what the CAM Refugee Program is? It’s pretty simple.
In 2014, when the crisis at the border occurred, where tens of thousands of unaccompanied children showed up, the Obama administration decided, ‘Wow- things must be pretty bad in Central America.’

Instead of realizing that it was his lax illegal immigration enforcement policies that have caused the surge of illegal immigration over his presidency, Obama decided that he had to do something about those who are living in poverty to the south of the U.S.

He enacted the CAM Refugee Program to go into countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to screen children, and fly them out of their countries and relocated them in America as refugees, fleeing their countries.

Most of those who have been flown out of the Central American countries are between 16 and 17 years old, and just like the Syrian refugees, are predominantly male.

They were then allowed to reunite with relatives of the United States who were residing within the country legally.

In other words, tax payers are paying for the Obama administration to actively bring in more illegal immigrants by flying them over the border, and claiming that they are fleeing their countries out of fear of persecution.


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